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Ultimate Collector's Edition for 10 Bucks!

The Final Fantasy XI site has been updated with a special promotion featuring the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the game for only $9.99. That price is ten dollars off the regular $19.99 price and is available for a limited ffxi gil. What a great way to get your hands on one of Square Enix's most enduring titles. Find out more on the Final Fantasy XI site.

Final Fantasy XI uses a currency called FFXI Gil

Final Fantasy XI uses a currency called FFXI Gil. Made by the famed developers of the hugely popular Final Fantasy series, the game is set in a fantasy world called Vana`diel where various quests can be undertaken by players. A stalwart favorite in the MMORPG genre now over a decade old, the game continues to delight those looking band together, quest, summon monsters such as Ifrit and Diabolos...

Dragoon Jump to the PS4 version at no cost

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn might not only be coming "sooner than you might think", but you'll be playing it in no time. Sony announced during its press conference in Japan that the PS4 version of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn will be playable for the first time on February 22nd when its beta is made available. All players who own a PS3 copy will not only be invited to particip...

The characters of Final Fantasy XI

There are five races being available in the Final Fantasy XI. You can figure out Galka, Mithra, Elvann, Hume and Tarutaru. In the game economy of Final Fantasy XI, Gil is the currency, you need ffxi gil badly to play the game well. Final Fantasy XI appears as the 3D fantasy MMORPG and it is also called Final Fantasy XI Online. It is named as FF11 or FFXI as well. Square Enix developed and relea...

Three Times Updates Every Three Month on FFXIV

A Realm Reborn has opened, Square Enix who has enjoyed more plans of the game about the future. In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Naoki Yoshida said the game team will have a major update every three months for the final fantasy 14, he will add more content to the game.

"We have started making the first update now, version 2.1," said Yoshida "will be added to the game of a larg...

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm That's Full

We are all trying to enter FFXIV now to play, but server is not stable all the time because of too many players try to play. Firstly, everyone will be familiar with the dreaded 1017 error. This is absurd, Squenix. You guys are better than this. I've seen it in the products you sell, the games you've produced, and the general media you've progressed through. I'm disappointed in your haphazard ha...

Final Fantasy XIV Relaunch Coming Up

FFXIV receives a second chance with its relaunch as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The currency (gil) stays the same and of course we'll be covering it at mmobux as well. There are still some shops out there that have left over price listings from the first release of the game and we are currently working on removing outdated currency offers from our index.

You will be surprised wi...

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